Who Are the Supply Chain Network Bloggers?

Since January of 2007 I have been writing this blog for the most part on my own with the exception of some excellent feature guest articles from time to time. As you may have noticed, I’ve been otherwise occupied recently with the development of a number of new social networking groups and blogging concepts and am pleased to now bring these back to make the Supply Chain Network even better!

This will be accomplished by making SCN a hub for a true network of Supply Chain Bloggers and these are all listed below for your information and I will soon add connections to all of their posts on the SCN site as well as their own companies and blogs in case you wish to visit with them directly.

We are of course always looking for more supply chain practioners and thought leaders who also would like to become contributors to the Supply Chain Network!



The Supply Chain Network Bloggers

Jeff Ashcroft @JeffAshcroft SupplyChainNetwork

Jeff Ashcroft

Jeff Ashcroft, has over twenty years experience in the retailing, distribution, marketing, systems, third party logistics and supply chain management business areas. Jeff’s career began with The Hudson’s Bay Company where over the course of 15 years he moved from a part time role on the warehouse floor to one of the most senior logistics positions in the firm. In 1993 Jeff joined Tibbett & Britten Group as Director of Development and was key to the rapid design and deployment of Wal-Mart’s Third Party distribution and transportation network supporting their successful entry into Canada in 1994. In 1997, Jeff launched Strategic Logistics Partners providing unique and innovative services to firms on the leading edge of logistics, SCM and RFID. Jeff’s most recent prior role was Vice President Logistics/Supply Chain and Retail & Consumer Products Advisory Leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Canada. Jeff currently leads the SCN Project at Strategic Logistics Partners also providing direction and content for the SupplyChainNetwork.com site. He is also Founder/Director of WORLD a relief logistics charity and a Founder of the Airship Z-Prize to recreate cargo airships.

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Travis A. Baker Abco Automation

Travis Baker

Travis A. Baker is the Director of Marketing for abco automation. There he manages all phases of Marketing and Business Development for the entire ABCO Group.

Prior to joining the ABCO group, he was the Director of Marketing with SSI Schaefer’s Automated Systems Division. Travis is a proud alumnus of Winthrop University Integrated Marketing Communication’s program.

You can read his insights on all things related to automated materials handling here at SCN and at http://blog.abcoautomation.us/ and at http://blog.abcosystems.net/.

Feel free to connect with Travis on twitter @travisatabco, via LinkedIn or simply email him at t.baker@abcoautomation.us

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Valerie Bonebrake Tompkins Associates

Valerie Bonebrake

A 2010 recipient of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Pros to Know award, Valerie Bonebrake has more than 25 years of industry experience in logistics services.

She has worked with a broad array of companies and industries in North America and globally, including retail, consumer products, paper, food distribution, high-tech, manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

Prior to joining Tompkins Associates, Valerie was the Executive Vice President of YRC Logistics, the logistics subsidiary of YRC Worldwide. Her work frequently took her to Asia, where she also served on the board of directors of YRC’s China joint venture with Jin Jiang International.

Prior to joining YRC as Senior Vice President of New Services for Yellow Freight, Valerie spent 19 years at Ryder in various roles, building her expertise in truck leasing, dedicated fleet, and transportation management and distribution and global supply chain operations.

As Ryder’s Vice President of Electronics and High-Tech, she led the business unit with unprecedented growth, charting the course for its global supply chain business.

Valerie serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the Helzberg School of Management, Rockhurst University, and on the EMIL advisory board at Georgia Institute of Technology, where she holds a M.S. in International Logistics.

She also has been recognized by Ingram Magazine as one of the Top Ten Female Executives in Kansas.

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Robert J. Bowman SupplyChainBrain

Robert J Bowman

Robert J. Bowman has more than 30 years’ experience reporting and writing about all aspects of global supply chains, from network planning and raw materials acquisition to final delivery and customer service. He has written for business publications on three continents, and has been a staff member of SupplyChainBrain since 1998.

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Lora Cecere @lcecereAltimeter Group

Lora Cecere

Lora Cecere is the Supply Chain Shaman. A shaman interprets and connects the evolving world to a group of followers. Lora does this for supply chain. As a partner with Altimeter Group and the author of Supply Chain Shaman, Lora travels the world to chart the course of supply chain practices and disruptive technologies. Her blog focuses on the use of enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence.

Lora is known as a supply chain visionary who understands software. She brings seven years of industry analyst expertise coupled with two decades of manufacturing, marketing, and software expertise. Her analyst experiences include roles at Gartner Group and most recently at AMR Research. Before serving as an industry analyst, Lora was a line-of-business user/buyer and a builder of enterprise solutions. Fifteen years ago, Lora shifted career paths (transferring from manufacturing line management to software product marketing) to be closer to the evolution of enterprise applications. At Manugistics, Lora served in a number of consulting, sales and marketing roles with a final position of Vice President of Sales Operations. Lora also served a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Descartes Systems Group where she helped in positioning the company as an early on-demand solution for logistics.

Previously, Lora worked for 17 years in manufacturing operations, warehouse management and customer service, distribution planning, research & development, procurement and human resource roles for Procter & Gamble, Kraft/General Foods, Clorox, and Dreyers Grand Ice Cream. Her understanding of the business user perspective of technology coupled with her enterprise application experience allows her to quickly validate new concepts and debunk market hype. She is known for her hard-hitting, often contrarian views.

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John DiPalo @acsisincAcsis Inc.

John DiPalo

John DiPalo is the CTO for Acsis Incorporated, as CTO John will lead the development of the next generation of products for Acsis. Working in close consultation with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors, John will ensure that their best practices are incorporated into the Acsis’ product roadmap.

John has more than 25 years of process and systems analysis and design experience, during that time John has implemented many manufacturing and warehousing systems across multiple ERP, midrange and client server environments.

While at Acsis John has served in a number of technology and customer facing positions. Most recently John served as Senior Vice President of Product Development and previously, Vice President of Solutions Engineering. Prior to joining Acsis in 1998, John was with Deloitte Consulting as a team lead for their SAP Integration product group as well as the director of SAP consulting for both IMI Systems and IntelliCorp Corporation. John is a frequent speaker at industry events on the subjects of shop floor automation, RFID and Barcode Technology and has authored multiple white papers on serialization and supply chain optimization.
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Richard Howells @howellsrichardSAP

Richard Howells

Richard Howells is Head of Marketing for Supply Chain Management at SAP and he has been working in the supply chain management and manufacturing space for over 20 years, and is responsible for driving the market direction and positioning of SAP’s Supply Chain Management solutions. Prior to joining SAP in 2004, he spent 15 years with Marcam Solutions where Richard was VP of Marketing for the companies Process ERP solutions. He has also implemented ERP and SCM systems at companies such as Nestle, Gillette, Colgate Palmolive, Rohm & Haas, Wyeth, Royal Worcester Spode and Dairy Crest. Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Mid Glamorgan in the UK.

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Paul Martyn @bravosolutionBravo Solution

Paul Martyn

As Vice President of Marketing, Martyn is responsible for shaping BravoSolution’s marketing strategy. Martyn has fifteen years of product management, strategy and marketing experience with technology startups and Fortune 500 companies. Previously, he served as Chief Marketing Officer for CombineNet, a sourcing optimization company, and as Vice President of Product Development for Integral Solutions Inc./Ventive, an online sourcing and supply chain automation application company. Martyn has also serviced as e-Business Strategy Consultant for SARCOM, Inc., where he assisted Fortune 100 manufacturers in the selection of e-procurement solutions.

BravoSolution supports procurement professionals with tools and services to identify sourcing opportunities, prioritize initiatives, execute projects with tailored solutions, and realize the benefits of their initiatives. Learn more at www.BravoSolution.com.

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George Muha @frght_svngs_tpsFreight Saving Tips

George Muha

George Muha is a 14 year veteran of the logistics and supply chain industry and current Vice President of Sales for a truckload company called CHTL Logistics out of Hickory, NC.

He writes FreightSavingsTips.com to teach US based manufacturers, distributors and retailers about how to efficiently manage one of their biggest cost centers: freight! FreightSavingsTips.com was started in 2008 with the intent of providing his logistics customers with idea’s they could use to reduce their own freight cost. Some trade publications started to like these tips and asked him to write articles for their magazines. Now this site is syndicated through many different mediums and is a trusted resource for a lot of companies.

If you have a freight related question or would like to see an article on a particular topic, feel free to email George at george (at) freightsavingstips (dot) com.
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Kate Vitasek@MeasureUp – Supply Chain Visions Inc.

Kate Vitasek

Author, educator and business consultant Kate Vitasek is a nationally recognized innovator in the practice of supply chain management and outsourcing. Vitasek’s approaches and insights have been widely published in respected academic and trade journals. She is the co-author of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ best selling book, Supply Chain Process Standards, and has contributed to over 75 articles and five books, including her latest book Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules that will Transform Outsourcing.

Vitasek is a faculty member at the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education and is the Founder of Supply Chain Visions – a boutique consulting firm recognized by ARC Advisory Group as a Top 10 Boutique Consulting firm specializing in Supply Chain Management.

She’s been recognized as a “Woman on the Move in Trade and Transportation” for her leadership in the profession and was recently honored as a “Woman of International Influence” by Global Executive Women. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and has been called a “Rainmaker” for her tireless effort in educating the supply chain profession. In 2009 she was honored as finalist for a Stevie Award for woman entrepreneur of the year.

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