Alignment in Supply Chain – is it really possible?

From Infosys: “Recently I read a great news article in Supply Chain Digest titled “Triple-A Supply Chain” that actually talks about the article published in Harvard Business Review in the year 2004 by Hau Lee. I am sure most of you would have read it but for those who haven’t, I sincerely suggest that it is a must-read for all supply chain practitioners. Although the article is more than four years old, it is very pertinent in current business environment.”

“Let me just provide the objectives of the three A’s mentioned in the postingf and then, I would like to share my viewpoints with respect to one of the A’s that I feel is the ‘most relevant and critical’ capability for all the companies. The three A’s that have been talked about are:

a) Agility – it is about how quickly a company can respond to any change in its business environment. It refers to short-term changes.

b) Adaptability – it is the capability of a company to adapt to business changes that are more permanent in nature and therefore, it is strategic and has a long lead time.

c) Alignment – it is the ability to have common and shared interests across the supply chain including vendors and customers.”

Alignment in Supply Chain – is it really possible?

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