All Supply Chain Risks Are Not Created Equal

From Big “S” Security: “Oftentimes, the first time you look at a problem, the bigger it looks. It’s only after you spend some time analyzing it that you realize that you can break it up into bite-sized chunks and begin to attack it. (Sort of the same way you’d attack that 24oz New York Strip: First, skip the salad; second, just the right Cabernet; third, leave dessert for the vegans at the next table; fourth, where’s that steak knife?…mmmmm…)

I’d argue that securing the supply chain is no exception. At first glance, it seems like an impossible task. How can we possibly ensure that we’ve secured all the factories, consolidators, ports and terminals, ocean carriers, etc., from penetration from a sophisticated and determined adversary?” All Supply Chain Risks Are Not Created Equal

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