AMR Announces Top 25 Supply Chains for 2008

From AMR: “The AMR Research Supply Chain Top 25 identifies companies that demonstrate leadership in applying demand-driven principles to their global supply chains. Our goal is to show how supply chain excellence contributes to economic value creation, and, in so doing, to raise awareness of the importance and influence of the profession.

AMR Research’s Supply Chain Top 25 includes a Peer Opinion component in its ranking methodology. This component comprises 20% of the total point score upon which the final rank is based. The other components are an AMR Research Opinion score (20%) and financial metrics (e.g., return on assets, inventory turns, and growth), which collectively account for 60% of the score.” Read on to see the list of the AMR Top 25 Supply chains for 2008

The AMR Top 25 Supply Chains for 2008 are:

1. Apple
2. Nokia
3. Dell
4. Procter & Gamble
5. IBM
6. Wal-Mart Stores
7. Toyota Motor
8. Cisco Systems
9. Samsung Electronics
10. Anheuser-Busch
11. PepsiCo
12. Tesco
13. The Coca-Cola Company
14. Best Buy
15. Nike
16. SonyEricsson
17. Walt Disney
18. Hewlett-Packard
19. Johnson & Johnson
20. Schlumberger
21. Texas Instruments
22. Lockheed Martin
23. Johnson Controls
24. Royal Ahold
25. Publix Super Markets

Visit the AMR Research site to get additional information on this annual ranking.

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