Best Buy Canada Introduces Streamlined Screening

From Canadian Security: “Like many warehousing and distribution service operations, having hundreds of employees and dozens of visitors passing through your facilities each day means that security measures to ensure the safety of employees and the sanctity of the inventory must be accurate, efficient and considerate of personal privacy. For Best Buy Canada Ltd., which operates two distribution service centers to serve the entire country, security screening also needs to be timely and provide expedient shift changes.”

“Traditional operating procedures in place at the retailer’s eastern and western Distribution and Service Centers (DSC’s) required employees to form a queue and pass through a metal detector for screening. Second to that process, alarms from the metal detector were supplemented with a visual inspection and hand wanding. This intrusive and time-consuming process created a 20-plus minute wait to exit the warehouse floor. Keeping employees longer than necessary affected their morale and their attitude toward the company. Frustration over missed buses and delays in getting to daycare to pick up their children, or resentment over physical searches were very real side effects of a 20-year-old screening process.” Best Buy Canada Introduces Streamlined Screening

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