Building a Foundation for Your SCN

The construction of your supply chain network is a lengthy process involving a number of somewhat complex steps. The important thing to note however, is that these steps need to be completed in an orderly manner and in the correct sequence. The first step upon which all the others is built is the foundation for supply chain networks, none other than Global Data Synchronization!

This first step must not be taken lightly or completed in a haphazard manner due to its’ critical role in ensuring the accuracy of your supply chain network communications and product identification. The first step in becoming GDSN capable is to select one of the GDSN certified datapools worldwide. Two important factors in this selection process are compatibility with other datapools in the GDSN universe and also cost for both using the datapool and also for onboarding your product information into the datapool.

One wouldn’t think there is a big cost differential between these services, but surprisingly enough there is. Some have set and maintained initial rates which can be considered exhorbitant given the services provided and ongoing annually renewable nature of the relationship. In fact in some cases up to an 80% variance has been noted in the delivery of these services of equally certified and capable datapools!

Regardless of which datapool you select to house your firm’s product data if you’re a manufacturer or to access vendor product data if you’re a retailer or distributor, the first step is to ensure your readiness for the process. If you’re a manufacturer, the key first step is to cleanse and verify all your product data to ensure it is deadly accurate. If you’re a retailer, the first step is to ensure your plan to utilize the datapool is structured in such a way that the process is somewhat automated to ensure there is no rekeying of data that could potentially lead to errors and that the introduction, update and verification of new and existing products into your systems is seamless, fast and accurate.

So get started building this foundation for your supply chain network as soon as possible. It takes time and you’ll rapidly discover that all the advanced use of technologies such as RFID and even the basics of EDI are dependent on the accuracy of product data in the systems of both trading partners.

If you need help getting started or pointed in the right direction for this critical task, don’t hesitate to ASK. Hope all are well!


Jeff Ashcroft

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