C-TPAT Cost/Benefit Survey Report Released

From cbp.gov: ” U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security asked the Center for Survey Research at the University of Virginia to conduct a cost-benefit survey of C-TPAT partners. ViaTech Systems, Inc. issued a purchase order on April 11, 2006 establishing the Center for Survey Research as a subcontractor to conduct the requested survey. A subcontract agreement was completed on April 24,2006.

When conceptualizing the survey, C-TPAT personnel specified that the major objective of the survey was to learn how the program benefits relate to the cost of participation. In addition, an interest was expressed in learning about motivations for joining C-TPAT and an overall evaluation of the program.

The objectives for the survey were eventually characterized by learning the answers to the
following questions:

1. What motivates a company to become a partner?
2. What are the costs of implementation?
3. What are the costs of maintenance?
4. What are the tangible benefits?
5. What are the intangible benefits?
6. How do cost/benefits differ among company types?
7. Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
8. What is the overall evaluation of the program?
9. What is the likelihood of a partner staying with the program?

The full 152 page survey results report is available through the below link.

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Cost/Benefit Survey – Report of Results

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