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The Climate Group publishes this, the third edition of Carbon Down Profits Up, at a time when climate change and energy security have become priorities for government and business
alike. Over the last 12 months, we have observed an unprecedented expansion in the number of corporations and governments reporting action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We see front runners across a diversity of sectors, from public to private, oil and gas to hi-tech, retail to real estate, continue to achieve cuts beyond those mandated by policy, reaching over 25% in many cases. More importantly, we continue to see these organisations realising significant financial and economic returns from their actions.

The fundamental message of this report is clearer than ever – GHG emissions reduction is a straight business proposition for those that pursue it. So what lies behind the growth in activity reflected in successive editions of this report? Only recently, we saw carbon management in many firms filed firmly under “compliance risk,” or a nice-to-have component of corporate social responsibility, perhaps. Now, it is clear to us that advances in science, media-driven breakthroughs in public awareness and a growing acceptance of the inevitability of stronger policy frameworks are altering the arena. The old adage that in every threat lies opportunity
holds true, and carbon strategy is fast becoming a competitive issue amongst corporate boardrooms and political parties.

Transparency is also undoubtedly a factor in the reporting boom. Pushed by investor demands and pulled by availability of new reporting methodologies, more companies are turning
the spotlight on their own performance. Much still remains to be done, however, to improve standards of carbon disclosure such that better comparisons can be drawn. Nevertheless as
the reporters grow in number, so we tighten the criteria for their inclusion. Of over 1,500 organisations surveyed, only the 137 most impressive results in carbon reduction are selected here.

The Climate Group is privileged to work with some of the leaders in this field, assisting as best we can those pushing the envelope on carbon reduction, as well as those driving new
markets in climate solutions. Whilst much more needs to be done if the worst impacts of climate change are to be avoided, we believe policymakers in particular should see real cause for
optimism in the experiences of the leading companies, cities and regional governments. We hope that by drawing attention to the successes of these role models, we can inspire others
to rise to the challenge.


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