Check Out Supply Chain Network TweetSearch!

I have to say it, this is the most important page to be added to the Supply Chain Network site since its’ inception two years ago. Most of you have likely not heard of Twitter, or if you have, not likely paid very much attention to it, but I have to say it is in my humble opinion the biggest thing to hit the internet since Google. By the addition of our new TweetSearch capabilities to the site it has now truly become the Supply Chain Network! Read on to join…

The big difference is Google searches static webpages, blogs and images and the content there to provide you with results that are relevant to your search term. TweetSearch on the other hand is much more user oriented and immediate. Basically, what TweetSearch searches is the river of continuous user updates, known as “tweets” in the Twitter world, that the current 6 million and growing users are generating in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To see what I mean, just enter whatever search term is relevant to you and your business below and watch the stream of results begin to flow, linked directly to the user who made the comment. And before you get too far down the line, by viewing my Twitter profile here you can sign up directly for free on Twitter and don’t forget to add me JeffAshcroft and also the SupplyChainNtwk site!

Also sending messages with Twitter is really easy once you’re on, all you do is enter @username ie: @JeffAshcroft followed by the text of your message which all must be less than 140 chars which limitation I personally love so people will immediately get to the point and hopefully longwinded emails will finally become a thing of the past!

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