Combating Counterfeiters in the Global Supply Chain

From Industry Week: “Product counterfeiting is a multi-billion-dollar underground economy that poses a serious threat to the legitimate global economy, including commerce and the public’s safety. Many North American manufacturers have exported the production and assembly of their products to different parts of the world to maximize profits. Consequently, they grapple with long, complex supply chains, which can often be difficult to audit. The products themselves are also becoming more complicated as manufacturers combine components and services from multiple suppliers. As a result, both products as a whole and their individual components are at risk of being counterfeit.”

“Protecting global supply chain integrity is of the utmost importance for manufacturers whose reputations are at stake. To effectively safeguard against counterfeiting, there are several steps that manufacturers can take at each point in their production process.” Combating Counterfeiters in the Global Supply Chain

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