Coming Soon! Green Supply Chain Network

Those of you who’ve been reading Supply Chain Network for awhile will be aware of my personal interest and ongoing coverage of green initiatives and alternatives as they relate to logistics and supply chain management.

To me these projects have always just made sense as often these reductions in energy utilization both save expense dollars at the same time as helping the environment representing win-win solutions.

In other parts of the world carbon measurement and cap & trade systems are emerging and it now appears, especially in Canada, that sooner or later this will also become a reality in North American markets.

Once this occurs, the win-win situation described above becomes win-win-win as the credits for carbon emission savings generated by such projects and methods will become a marketable commodity in addition to your expense savings and goodwill environmental achievements.

Most recently, the amount of information on new methods, opportunities, programs and projects relating to green logistics initiatives has become overwhelming and weekly I find myself conflicted over covering these developments or the other important ongoing stories in logistics and supply chain management in the SCN Newsbrief.

My solution in this case is to introduce Green Supply Chain Network which will cover topics relating to green logistics in three main categories being Alternative Transport Modes & Fuels, Green Buildings & Operations and RFID & Technology Solutions.

Commencing next week, Green Supply Chain Network will debut and run alternate weeks with SCN Newsbrief with new sections added to the SCN website supporting the three main topic areas defined above.

Launching Green Supply Chain Network is an exciting initiative and we feel that it will both focus additional attention on these emerging environmental opportunities, at the same time as improving SCN Newsbrief.

Jeff Ashcroft

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