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Cool Chain Quality Indicator

From CCA: “Whatever it is that you eat – it wouldn’t be quite the same without a reliable cool chain. The prerequisite for juicy fruits and vegetables, for tasty milk- and dairy-products, for fresh fish, seafood and meat is an uninterrupted maintenance of a suitable temperature during handling, transport and storage – that’s what we call a reliable Cool Chain. And there are more perishable and temperature sensitive products (PTSP) that need special attention: flowers and plants, some chemicals, pharmaceuticals and human blood.

In order to provide a quality measure for first class PTSP logistics companies, a group of cool chain quality people – representatives from very different companies like airlines, truck-operators, warehouses, forwarders and handlers – formed the Cool Chain Association (CCA) in January 2003. Having expert knowledge in PTSP logistics, CCA was then looking for a reliable partner to contribute the know-how on certification systems. So jointly, CCA and GL-Certification (GLC) formed and developed what is today the CCQI Industry Standard.” Cool Chain Quality Indicator

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