CSR 2010: Emerging Career Choices in Supply Chain and Sustainability

From Forbes: “As misconceptions of business sustainability being a passing trend quickly fall by the wayside, large organizations, traditionally mistaken as burdened with a primary responsibility as change agents in the water, carbon, environment and climate change solutions are now shifting the burden to include suppliers,” writes Julie Urlaub, sustainability consultant, founder and managing director of Taiga Company, in part 2 of our series “CSR 2010: Lasting Impressions from a Volatile Year.”

What does this mean for those involved in procurement, sourcing and managing supply chains? As pressure on companies to redefine their practices and make their processes environmentally-friendly as well as human-friendly, continues to grow from global behemoths like Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble, what opportunities lie ahead for students, job seekers and career changers?” Link to full article on Forbes

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