Data Synchronization Drive for Distillers

Data synchronization and the creation on an industry supported electronic catalogue is a critical prerequisite to facilitate electronic trading in the distilling industry. Whether it’s simply EDI or electronic data interchange or more advanced applications such as Radio Frequency Identification or RFID, an electronic catalogue is the foundation technology required to ensure the success of such initiatives.

Completing data synchronization and introducing an electronic catalogue will also serve to rectify many of the current issues and errors between trading partners including problem purchase orders, inaccurate receiving and shipping as well as the many costly and problematic invoice mismatches.

There is now an opportunity for those in the industry to step up to the plate and Set the SCM Standards Free and get the distilling industry on the road towards perfect order performance and ultimately advanced collaborative supply chain management.

To learn more you can review our introduction to SCN Global Data Synchronization Services or feel free to simply ASK and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and assist with this important task.

Jeff Ashcroft

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