Distance Learning in Logistics

With the advent and rapid growth of Distance Learning in Logistics, learning more about topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management has never been easier or more affordable than today. When I first got involved with logistics, there wasn’t even a formalized education stream for logistics in the traditional education system. Now, there are courses of all types available up to and including a Masters degree or Ph. D. in Logistics. Although such courses are great for those who are still student age or below, there are many who are already in the work force with the need and desire to develop these skills and knowledge.

Until recently, there weren’t many options for individuals in this situation other than night or correspondence courses or some intensive short programs. Fortunately the arrival and proliferation of the public internet which began in 1995 has changed this situation and we’re now beginning to see the medium being put to full use with a growing variety and number of online courses and programs offered in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management space.

Not only are these courses available and much more accessible than conventional school programs, they’re also more cost effective and generally one can find short and very focused modules for precisely the topic in which additional learning is required. This is extremely important due to the dynamic nature of business today and the career challenges general business professionals face where often portions of logistics responsibility may be assigned to an executive without a background in a given area. Individuals thrust into such situations need to get a good basic grounding in the area quickly and cost effectively both of which parameters can be met through distance learning.


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