Early ‘Internet of Things’ Pilots Proved Supply Chain Benefits of RFID Pallets

Two early pilots were facilitated by Supply Chain Network and carried out in 2003 and 2006 with both representing successful demonstrations of the potential supply chain benefits available through end to end ‘Internet of Things’ supply chain implementations.

Key to both of these pilots were RFID enabled pallets and the first project was the SCN Grocery Pilot which was carried out utilizing RFID at the pallet level for automated Distribution Centre (DC) receiving.

For the second pilot in the Office Products Industry, a combination of both pallet level and case level RFID was utilized to deliver significant results for both automated Distribution Centre Receiving and automated Direct to Store Delivery receiving.

Most surprisingly we are now more than ten years further into the future following successful completion of these two pilots and only now is the topic of ‘Internet of Things’ starting to gain actual traction in the business world.

Given the rising interest and accelerating emergence of the ‘Internet of Things,’ especially in the supply chain space, we thought a review of these two early pilots and actual results achieved would be instructive and help to further facilitate advancement of the latest iterations of the supply chain ‘Internet of Things’.

Here’s link to the full article and project results presentations.

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