Explore India Through the India Supply Chain Council

From ISCC: Through its function as a significant link and resource in India, ISCC provides opportunities for companies, organizations, and supply chain professionals to access up-to-date information and resources regarding supply chain management, best-in-class business practices, benchmarking, market intelligence, current news and new technologies that are so rapidly changing in the India market.

Today, the ISCC represents the most innovative and successful manufacturers and retailers who view supply chain management as a critical driver of shareholder value and competitive differentiation.

The ISCC bring the key executives from these companies together in unique forums to learn from each other and industry experts, advocate for the best course of action in India and work to advance the reputation of the supply chain profession as as a whole.

It is the quality of our members and their passion for supply chain management that sets the ISCC apart from other organizations and gives actual business value back to our members.

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