Farm to Fork Traceability with Integrated Temperature Monitoring

From ” PakSense, Inc., an innovator in sensory solutions for packaging, announced today the release of PakSense Ultra T3 powered by HarvestMark, a farm to fork traceability solution with integrated temperature monitoring and Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) capabilities. Combining industry leading technologies from PakSense and YottaMark, Ultra T3 is an industry first that allows shippers to track and trace products through the supply chain while simultaneously allowing them to monitor the cold chain and comply with COOL requirements. Traceability, cold chain and country of origin data are securely uploaded and stored in a hosted database, accessible anywhere, anytime via a password protected web portal.
“Recent food safety recall incidents and increased government scrutiny illustrate the need for robust traceback systems, which can help contain the extent of a food safety incident and help protect brand reputation,” said David Light, CEO at PakSense. “By raising the bar and combining traceability capabilities with cold chain monitoring and COOL, we provide the industry with an easy to implement, single source solution that helps solve three food safety issues with one product.” Farm to Fork Traceability with Integrated Temperature Monitoring

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