Global Data Synchronisation Network Continues to Grow

From “GS1, the global standardization body, today announced that their Global Registry had grown significantly in 2007 with more than one million items being registered over the year. This brings the total number of registered items to more than 2 million, with the increase in 2007 equal to the number of items registered in the previous three years. The growth of registered items can be attributed to the adoption of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) globally.

The growth in adoption of GDSN worldwide will be further accelerated with the certification of 6 new data pools, including: GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg, GS1 China, GS1 Croatia, GS1 Greece, GS1 Hungary and GS1 Sweden. Their certification was facilitated by the Drummond Group Inc, a leading interoperability and conformance testing company. This brings the total number of GDSN certified data pools to 26, supporting data synchronisation in over 50 countries worldwide.” Global Data Synchronisation Network Continues to Grow

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