Green Roofs for Healthy Cities North America

From GRHC: “Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ mission is to increase the awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roof infrastructure across North America and rapidly advance the development of the market for green roof products and services. Although the current market does not value many of the tangible public and private benefits of green roofs to their full potential, we are striving to facilitate changes that will bring green roof technologies to the forefront of high performance green building design, implementation and maintenance.” Green Roofs for Healthy Cities North America

” The development of the green roof market requires that we:

Research the public and private community building and community-wide benefits of green roofs in various cities and climate zones across North America.

Develop and provide value added products and services to our Corporate and Individual membership base.

Engage a wide variety of stakeholders and educate the general public on the many social, economic and environmental benefits of green roof infrastructure.

Establish cost effective public policies to recognize the public benefits and fund the widespread implementation of roofs thereby helping to reduce the higher upfront capital costs associated with green roof technology.

Develop professional training and accreditation courses to facilitate excellence in green roof design, implementation and maintenance.

Facilitate the international exchange of information on policies, products, science and research.”

In 2006, the Green Roof industry grew by more than 25%, visit the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities North America website for additional information.

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