Improving the Value of Product Data in the Enterprise and the Global Supply Chain – Take the Survey!

From Ventana Research: “Organizations trying to develop new products more efficiently and expand sales inevitably must address limitations in the ways they manage product information. As they add suppliers to their business networks, products to their catalogs and materials purchases to their supply chains, additional data is brought into their information systems, often in new and inconsistent ways. Yet organizations must incorporate these large amounts of new data more quickly than ever before because competitive pressures require that the information presented to customers is accurate, operational processes run uninterrupted and timely data is available for business analysis.”

“To understand how organizations are coping with these challenges, Ventana Research is conducting benchmark research on the need to improve product information management both internally and across business-to-business networks and responses to that need. We define product information management as the practice of ensuring that consistent and quality information from technology is used in internal and business to business processes to improve operational efficiency and management effectiveness.

We are interested in finding out how your organization plans to cope with the demands to process more product data more effectively and your thoughts on this essential business requirement. Ventana Research relies on professionals like you to inform our real-world research and help us understand the trends and direction of the industry.” Improving the Value of Product Data in the Enterprise and the Global Supply Chain

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