In Search of Leading Edge of Business Forecasting

Very pleased to be attending my first Institute of Business Forecasting event later this month in Orlando!

Have been trying for many years to attend an IBF event, but somehow in the past always seemed to run into scheduling conflicts, however here in 2016 I’m happy to say the stars have finally aligned and looking forward to being there.

As with any event, will be on the lookout for and attending sessions that will share and validate insights on the items I see as on the leading edge of best practices business forecasting.

At the upcoming IBF Leadership Forum & Best Practices Conference, I’ll also look to attend presentations made by business practitioners who are attempting to address some of today’s most vexing issues facing supply chains such as People, Disruption, Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel commerce.

With this in mind, some of the key themes I’ll be on the lookout for next week include:

• Teams & Talent Management

• Dealing with Disruption (Real World & Technology Driven)

• Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel (emerging examples of Matrix Retail)

• Migration of Sales & Operations Planning to cloud platforms

• Emerging application and use of Cognitive technologies in the planning process

One question I’ll be looking for clues on is that given all of the human resource horsepower required to execute effective planning, what’s the potential competitive role for cognitive tools in both decreasing functional costs and at the same time improving outputs/results of the process on a continuous basis?

In case you’d like to learn more about this upcoming IBF event, here’s a link to the agenda and do keep an eye out for my tweets and blogposts both during and following the IBF Leadership Forum & Best Practices Conference!

Looking forward to this upcoming opportunity to learn, network and share insights on the leading edge of business forecasting!


Jeff Ashcroft


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