In Search of the Carbon Neutral Supply Chain

Supply Chain Network is taking an active role in assisting companies in their quest to deliver a Carbon Neutral Supply Chain. Check out our Create a Carbon Neutral Supply Chain article to learn more about real actions your organization can take to move toward this lofty goal.

Beyond the positive impacts such an action can have for future generations and on the general health of mankind’s home, there are now emerging positive business reasons for pursuing this goal. Some initial projects in this area that have been carried out by SCN Partner organizations have identified a 28% reduction in Carbon Emissions and at the same time a 9% reduction in related supply chain expense.

Not only are expense reductions possible, there are also opportunities to show differentiated pricing or even the carbon input for a given product that can sway a customer’s sales decision to buy from you or the competition. The following article The carbon-adjusted supply chain investigates some of the potential and peril ahead for firm’s who either address this issue head on as an opportunity, or choose to ignore it in the face of growing public sentiment and consumer activism.

If you’d like to read more on this important topic review our Resources on Carbon Neutral Supply Chain page to continue your investigation of this emerging environmental issue and supply chain savings opportunity.

So what do you do once you’ve exhausted all opportunities to reduce the Carbon Emissions produced by your supply chain? The answer is to investigate and ultimately purchase “carbon emissions credits” from one of the many potential sources that will offset the remaining Carbon Emissions load of your supply chain allowing you to meet the goal of operating a Carbon Neutral Supply Chain.

Visit our page on Sources for Carbon Emissions Credits to learn more about the variety of actual programs, projects and opportunities for your firm to begin working to meet the ultimate target of operating your supply chain on a Carbon Neutral basis.

Additionally, there are a number of agencies, organizations and associations which are available to assist you in your quest to meet the standard of carbon neutral supply chain management. A listing of these can be found through Support Organizations for Carbon Neutral SCM to get you started in the right direction.

As many of you know, I feel that there is a greater role for Logisticians in the betterment of society from a number of perspectives, and taking such a positive leadership approach to the environment is a key one of the social impacts we can integrate into the important roles of logistics and supply chain professionals.


Jeff Ashcroft

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