Investing in Supply Chain Security – Reaping Collateral Benefits

From “With the memory of attacks by Somali pirates still fresh in mind, supply chain security has come to the attention of supply chain managers. Already in 2005, the IBM Center for the Business of Government published “Investing in Supply Chain Security: Collateral Benefits”, a report which highlights how certain security investments can create collateral benefits well beyond the immediate security breach they were aimed at. In addition, the report also shows how investments in security programs can increase the efficiency, flexibility and resilience of the supply chain.”

“Secure supply chains are a prerequisite that enables firms to continue exchanging goods and services in un unrestricted and uninterrupted manner. Firms, then, have a variety of investment options available to improve their supply chain security. Below are some of the areas that should be addressed:” Investing in Supply Chain Security – Reaping Collateral Benefits

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