Leverage 802.11 WiFi Networks For SCM

Everyday the number of facilities in the world’s supply chains with deployed 802.11 WiFi networks continues to grow. This is especially true in the case of retail stores which have become a hotbed for such deployments.

So what’s to stop the determined logistics and supply chain professional from leveraging this infrasructure to faciliate supply chain management? Happily, the answer is nothing and in fact many such operators are unaware of this ready made opportunity which already may exist in their corporation just waiting for them to exploit it for maximum advantage.

It is however important that such projects arecarefully considered due to some of the specific differences between WiFi RFID and traditional UHF or HF RFID. Specifically, the big difference is in the cost of the WiFi tags which can cost in the range of $50 each and up. This means the applications in which WiFi RFID is used must be of a reusable nature.

The first of two applications which leap to mind are the tracking of high value products in the retail and distribution center environment or even high value assets such as forklifts or maybe company staff.

The second is the use of the WiFi RFID tags in reusable supply chain assets such as tote boxes, pallets or even rolling cages. All of these applications can justify a high tag cost as it will be used over and over again throughout the company direct and even extended supply chain.

If you’re interested in learning more on how you can rapidly leverage this current company asset to add supply chain value just ASK and we’d be happy to provide additional insight.

Jeff Ashcroft

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