Locking Out Thieves With Radio Frequency Activation

From DC Velocity: “Right now, Microsoft and other entertainment industry players have little choice but to spend millions of dollars on security each time they release a new video game or movie. But relief might be on the way. An emerging RFID-based technology is showing great promise for discouraging theft without sending costs into the stratosphere.

The new technology differs from traditional RFID-based security applications in one important way: Rather than simply leveraging the technology’s tracking and tracing capabilities, it also makes use of its capacity to activate and deactivate electronics. In other words, it allows suppliers to disable items like video games, DVDs, and consumer electronics while they move through the supply chain and onto store shelves. Once a consumer has paid for it, an item can be scanned and reactivated at the point of sale in a matter of seconds. The idea is that thieves will have no incentive to steal a pallet of goods from a DC or a tractor-trailer if they know the product won’t work.” Locking Out Thieves

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