Logistics Hell in Afghanistan and Pakistan

From feraljundi.com: “If there was any an indicator of how things are going in a war, you can always look at the health of the logistics tail. And to me, just looking at these three stories that cover Pakistan and Afghanistan, it is obvious that there are some serious security issues with logistics going on. The first story is one that I posted before, about Commando Security (a local national security company in Afghanistan) and their efforts in the war. The loss of life and the amount of actual fighting that this PSC is doing is stunning. Stacks of coffins…fighting daily?

The second story is about Pakistan shutting down the Khyber Pass. The Taliban and the various tribes are raping these convoys. Just lask week, these guys were able to attack a convoy and steal some Humvee destined for Afghanistan. The pictures of these things in Taliban hands are embarrassing to say the least. The final story is about Highway One in Afghanistan, and how dangerous that has become. It sounds like IED hell, and the Taliban and company are certainly applying the lessons of Iraq to their own campaign in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Logistics Hell in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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