Microsoft Logistics Fleeing Germany Because of Patent Fears

From EBN: “Here’s something you don’t see every day: A Fortune 100 company and big-name technology business is shifting its distribution operations because of a lawsuit.

According to various news sources, including the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) is moving its European logistics activities from Germany to the Netherlands as a risk-avoidance measure related to its ongoing legal battle with Motorola Mobility Inc. (NYSE: MMI).

Microsoft says that, even though it would prefer to stay in Germany (an important regional technology center and Europe’s largest economy), the risk was too great to stay there. It is reportedly concerned that a court decision expected April 17 on patents could halt sales and distribution of its Xbox gaming consoles and Windows 7 software. To sidestep any potential business fallout from the ruling, the company opted to head across the border, where it’s considered safer to warehouse physical goods, because there’s less of a chance of facing court-imposed injunctions.” See balance of article from Jennifer Baljko at EBN.

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