Microsoft Set to Rollout GenNext Retail and Supply Chain

From Business Standard: ” Microsoft India is in advanced talks with 10 leading Indian retailers to roll out its next-generation automated retail tools. The latest from the IT giant firm will offer next-generation automated tools such as mobile billing and smart supply chain management.

These tools will help differentiate a neighborhood retail joint from the large format retail space in the mall. Their usage will add value to the shopping experience, said Bill Gonzales, general manager, (worldwide retail and hospitality industries), Microsoft.

“Since managing costs and improving operational efficiency will always be important in the low-margin retail industry, retailers will have to implement those solutions that enhance customer experience and generate revenues across all channels,” he said.

The Indian retail market, which is the fifth largest retail destination in the world, is estimated to grow from $330 billion in 2007 to $427 billion by 2010 and $637 billion by 2015. For an industry of this size, IT spend is restricted at 15 per cent where a meagre 5 per cent is allocated to software applications.” Microsoft Set to Rollout GenNext Retail and Supply Chain

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