Mobilizing Industry SCNs – Part Two

In the introductory article in this series, mobilization of an industry supply chain network began with the establishment of a group of likeminded individuals and companies followed by the creation and accurate loading of a complete product data catalogue. Now the next steps in moving an industry forward with creation of a supply chain network is the creation of a proof of concept project, followed by an industrywide ROI implementation rollout of the successful supply chain network model developed.

The proof of concept project must be very carefully selected as it will be the key to ongoing success within the industry and it must show significant promise relative to the potential for rolling out an ongoing ROI implementation of the methods demonstrated by the proof of concept.

Selection of the proof of concept to be completed must be made and supported by the industry group established in part one and this group will also share the cost of the proof of concept through a jointly established funding formula.

Once this proof of concept project has been successfully completed, a detailed roadmap and business plan for the roll out of the industry supply chain network can then be safely and quite accurately defined.

Availability of this roadmap and business plan will greatly facilitate companies in making the decision to support and implement the industrywide supply chain network as proven out during the proof of concept stage.

In order to maintain focus and deliver an initial success the first model of the industrywide SCN will not likely incorporate all functions and methods, but focus on those most critical and ROI drivers, with additional functionality to be added later once the SCN is up and running.

Please note that each of these steps will take at a minimum six months and likely longer given the cultural issuues in many industries as well as the amount of time industry professionals can dedicate to the supply chain network process.

If you or your group would like assistance in mobilizing your industry’s supply chain network just ASK and we’d be happy to assist further based on past success in projects of this nature.

Jeff Ashcroft

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