Now Is the Time for Greater Supply Chain Flexibility

“Sir, I read with interest Richard Milne’s article comparing supply chain destocking to a bank run (“Scramble to destock resembles bank run”, December 15). It is clear that suppliers are facing tough times and many are responding with a knee-jerk reaction of destocking now and facing the consequences later. In my experience suppliers should instead be increasing the flexibility of their supply chains to account for market turbulence in order to prevent being caught dangerously short when demand inevitably increases.”

“With the price of oil hitting $147 per barrel in July and returning to $50 in December, it is impossible to predict how markets will affect the supply chain over the coming year, let alone the next six months. To weather the storm, suppliers will need to optimise their planning to enable a flexible and adaptable manufacturing and supply chain.” Now Is the Time for Greater Supply Chain Flexibility

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