Paving the Way for Continuous Performance Improvement

Guest article from Kari Dwyer – Blue Sky Logistics

As competitive pressures become more intense across the global supply chain industry, companies must seek new ways in which to increase efficiencies within the supply chain. In order to do this, cross-functional supply chain visibility solutions become a critical partner in identifying areas for strategic and tactical performance improvements. For supply chain visibility solutions to be effective, actionable data must be easily accessible and acted upon. Companies that invest in supply chain visibility solutions as an integral part of their continual performance improvement initiatives will be able to react most quickly to the demands of their adaptive supply chains and will secure substantial cost savings.


Continual performance improvement is not a small undertaking; it is a way of life for companies seeking to remain competitive. In fact, the term “continual” guarantees an ongoing effort in refining operations. Supply chain visibility solutions provide a powerful avenue in contributing to performance improvement goals by providing statistics and measurements of supply chain processes and operations.

The ability to view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics, and trends does not provide much value unless the underlying detail behind the numbers is also available. Obtaining actionable data is critical in order to make effective strategic and tactical decisions. Through the availability of actionable data, supply chain visibility solutions become an invaluable asset in providing continual performance improvement.

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