PMAC Introduces Strategic SCM Leadership Program

From ” The new program leading to C.P.P. accreditation is the most comprehensive in the field of supply chain management. It is balanced to deliver advanced supply chain management knowledge and high-level business skills. The program is competency-based and participatory in nature with a focus on analysis, teamwork and decision-making. The highly integrated Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program consists of eight modules and six interactive workshops, followed by a week in-residence to reinforce learning. The final element of the program is a national written examination. A practical experience requirement ensures C.P.P. graduates have real-world expertise.


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September 10, 2007

Launch of new national accreditation program raises the bar for supply chain management in Canada

TORONTO – A new strategy-focused accreditation program that will develop Canada’s
next generation of supply chain leaders launches across the country this month, meeting
demand for highly skilled professionals who can operate in a global marketplace. Candidates who complete the 36-month program earn the respected Certified Professional Purchaser (C.P.P.) designation.

“There is no other executive development program like this being offered in North
America,” said Robert Dye, president of the Purchasing Management Association of
Canada (PMAC). “It’s like earning a master’s level degree in supply chain management.
Our program sets the gold standard for professionalism in the field.”

Called the Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program, the competencybased
program is delivered in partnership with universities and colleges coast to coast,
and is instructed by top academics and senior practitioners. The program shifts the
emphasis from purchasing to comprehensive, strategic supply chain management.
“With an increasingly competitive business environment, the supply chain has become
more complex and strategic,” said University of Alberta School of Business’s Dr. Edy
Wong, who led the accreditation renewal. “From our research it was clear that employers
are looking to C.P.P.s as innovative, strategic leaders with a 360-degree view of business.
The new accreditation program will build this unique competence.”

Balanced to provide advanced supply chain management knowledge and high-level
business skills, the program stresses integrative thinking, strategic analysis and
communication throughout. A series of modules cover procurement, global sourcing,
logistics and operations, while interactive workshops address such subjects as
negotiations, international business, ethics and corporate social responsibility. The
requirements of the program are:

· 8 Modules
· 6 Interactive Workshops
· In-Residence Week
· Final Written Examination
· 3 Years of Progressive Practical Experience

According to the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, the supply chain management
field has approximately 150,000 positions at the professional and managerial level. The
sector is growing at an estimated 10% a year, requiring knowledge workers with both
business and technological skills.

This demand is linked to increasing recognition of the importance of supply chain
management as a business function. Many high-profile companies such as Wal-Mart,
Dell, IBM, Zara and Procter & Gamble have sophisticated supply chains that confer them
with a strategic competitive advantage.

About PMAC

The Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) is the leading professional
association in Canada for supply chain management professionals. With more than
40,000 members and program participants working in all sectors of the Canadian
economy, PMAC is the principal source of training, education and professional
development for supply chain management professionals in Canada. The highest
achievement in professional supply chain management education in Canada is the
Certified Professional Purchaser (C.P.P.) designation.
For more information, contact Sharon Ferriss, Director, Public Affairs and
Communications, PMAC, (416) 542-9129 or

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