RF-iT and meco group Join Forces for Fashion RFID

PRESS RELEASE – meco® group relies on You-R® OPEN software by RF-iT Solutions GmbH – Two companies join forces to pool their vast fashion industry expertise

(Graz (A)/Weingarten (D)/Amsterdam (NL), 8 November 2007) – Graz, Austria-based technology experts RF-iT Solutions and the meco® group have signed a partnership agreement. The occasion was the RFID Journal LIVE! Europe, the largest RFID event in Europe, which is currently taking place from November 6 to 8 in Amsterdam. “In the fashion industry, we are seeing a growing demand for RFID solutions and increasing interest in these products, which may be deployed in a large variety of ways,” Dominik Berger, managing director of RF-iT Solutions, stated.

The Graz-based technology company is a provider of RFID middleware and technology consulting services, products that support the interlinking of business processes, RFID technology and IT systems. To this end, the Graz-based software and technology company RF-iT Solutions has developed You-R® OPEN, the world’s leading RFID operating environment which serves as a platform for system integrators. To date, reference projects have been successfully completed for Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH, Bültel, Otto, Windsor and gardeur.

Among the major drivers for implementing this innovative technology in the textile and clothing industry are EU regulations, globalized markets, broadly distributed supplier networks as well as growing complexity in the face of shrinking profit margins. A number of pilot projects carried out with international partners have put RF-iT Solutions in a leading position in this market segment. “Our expertise clearly lies in the area of RFID software and technology. Yet, in order to be able to implement projects using RFID technologies that are feasible both in technical and economic terms, we rely on partners with profound process knowledge who have also grasped how to integrate RFID with ERP systems,” Berger explained.

Their most recent partner is the meco® group of Germany, who specialize in IT consulting, infrastructure management services, RFID-based solutions as well as user help desk services and on-site support for the textile industry, retailers, SMEs and the health services sector. “The market is pushing strongly for RFID. This technology will enhance the efficiency of many existing logistics processes, enable capacities to be increased and costs reduced. Particularly in this connection I appreciate the flexible concept embodied in You-R® OPEN, which is especially suited for deployment in the retail and fashion segments. To us, You-R® OPEN ideally complements our array of high-quality services in the area of RFID, which build on the IT expertise and process knowledge amassed within the meco® group,” Norbert Hofmann, CEO of meco® Systemhaus AG, announced.

About the meco® group
The meco® group has been supplying IT consulting, management services, infrastructure management services, RFID-based solutions as well as user help desk services and on-site support for the textile industry, retailers, SMEs and the health services sector since 1998. The meco® group stands for quality when it comes to solutions in the areas of application service providing, managed services, retail software solutions as well as innovative leasing concepts. From headquarters in Weingarten, near Ravensburg, Germany, and another business location near Hamburg, the meco® group serves customers throughout Europe as well as in parts of Asia. In the area of RFID, the meco® group takes complete care of customer needs, from requirements analyses and feasibility studies on down to solution implementation, including data management as well as the purchase and installation of RFID equipment and tags supplied by recognized manufacturers.

Norbert Hofmann, CEO
meco® Systemhaus AG
Liebfrauenstrasse 8, D-88250 Weingarten
Tel.: +49/751/791 32 – 0; fax: +49/751/791 32 – 31
E-mail: norbert.hofmann@meco-gruppe.com
Internet: www.meco-gruppe.com

About RF-iT Solutions GmbH
RF-iT Solutions GmbH, Graz, Austria, a firm active in the area of RFID software and services, was founded in 2005 through a management buy-out of the “RFID Software and Solutions” business division of Infineon AG. RF-iT Solutions is the market leader in the strategic segments of the fashion and the automotive industry. The company provides RFID middleware and technology consulting, devising comprehensive communications solutions to link together business processes, RFID technology and IT. With a staff of 25, the company is focused on the marketing and continued development of You-R® OPEN, a scalable Auto-ID software product and the world’s leading RFID operating environment, which serves as a platform for system integrators, software manufacturers and operators. RF-iT Solutions provides system integrators with comprehensive technology consulting, serving them as a technical backbone, so that business processes that have been optimized in theory will also work when implemented in practice. In combination with the knowledge of industry experts, You-R® OPEN enables partners to provide global RFID solutions quickly, with the necessary expertise, thus allowing them to focus on added value for their customers. The company operates the “RFID Solutions Excellence Center”, for RFID testing tailored to customer needs, at the business site in Graz Austria. On the basis of the convincing features of You-R® OPEN, including its functionalities and capacity for integration, the company was awarded the valued European Auto-ID Award in the category of RFID in 2006 as well as the IT Constantinus award and the German Innovation Award in 2007.

Dominik Berger, Managing Director
RF-iT Solutions GmbH
Hans-Resel-Gasse 17a, 8020 Graz, Austria
Tel.: +43 316 71 11 11; fax: +43/316/71 11 11-900
E-mail: dominik.berger@rf-it-solutions.com
Internet: www.rf-it-solutions.com

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