RFID: A Threat to the Net?

From AIMglobal: “Even if we never see a full realization of the grand vision of “an Internet of Things,” where every item is RFID tagged and every tag can communicate over the Internet, the number of tagged items with a unique IP address may soon threaten to overwhelm current Internet addressing capabilities. The current method for assigning IP addresses, IPv4, allows for only four billion unique addresses.

Current estimates are that IPv4 will run out of IP addresses as early as 2010. But as RFID use expands, the strain on the current system will only increase and may cause it to run out of numbers before the projected date. IPv6, which was approved 10 years ago but has not seen wide implementation, allows for 340 trillion, trillion, trillion separate addresses. It’s time for users and potential users of RFID to start pushing — hard — for implementation of IPv6. But it’s not entirely as easy as it sounds.” RFID: A Threat to the Net?

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