RFID Support Services from Supply Chain Network

Given the powerful manner in which RFID or Radio Frequency Identification can be used to connect products to systems without the need for human intervention, ubiquitous supply chain management is now a distinct reality. The big question is how do you get from here to there given all the required investment, co-operation and necessary support from your supply channel partners?

Supply Chain Network has been active in this area since 2001 and now organized and facilitated 4 industry projects demonstrating significant success at both the pallet and case level with end to end supply chain implementations.

I talk on a regular basis with many in the profession who say their company will be a fast follower in the case of RFID technology and there are two things all of these logistics and supply chain professionals need to know about RFID.

The first is the significant amount of time that is required to plan, prepare and implement a successful RFID project is measured in months and years, not days and weeks. And secondly that although pilot projects are one way to get your feet wet in this area, you’re much better advised to go after implementation of a proof of concept that can strategically lead to a staged rollout.

SCN Partner services in this area support the following RFID requirements.


Hardware, Software and Consumables

Planning, Analysis and Feasibility

Proof of Concept Project

Process for Staged Rollout

To learn more about how your firm can benefit from our RFID Services, just ASK and we’ll be happy to help you start down the road to creating your end to end supply chain network fully connected with RFID.

Jeff Ashcroft

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