Scorecarding and Your Supply Chain

Just about every aspect of your supply chain and the companies that perform within it can be scorecarded. Whether it’s your carriers, vendor suppliers or Third Party Logistics Providers, this process can give you the criteria you need to effectively work with and maximize the performance of each supply chain node and hence the entire supply chain.

Scorecard/Balanced Scorecard

A measurement-based strategic management system – originated by Robert Kaplan and David Norton – that aligns business activities and strategy, and monitors performance in meeting strategic goals over time. Many enterprises use the balanced-scorecard approach to manage enterprise performance.

An application or custom user interface that helps manage an organization’s performance by optimizing and aligning organizational units, business processes and individuals. It should also provide internal and industry benchmarks, as well as goals and targets that help individuals understand their contributions to the organization. The use of scorecards spans the operational, tactical and strategic aspects of the business and its decisions. Often, methodologies derived from internal best practices or an external industry methodology is used for scorecarding. Insight can contribute to an overall scorecard project, but this is not its primary goal.

To futher explore how implementing a Scorecarding project will give you better control and management capability over all parties within your supply chain, just ASK and we’ll work with you to develop and implement an effective project.

Jeff Ashcroft

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