Service Provider Uses Virtualization to Boost DR

From Byte & Switch: ” While most companies have dabbled in virtualizing their physical servers, third-party logistics software and services provider Transplace went the distance by virtualizing 95 percent of the company’s servers, storage, and disaster-recovery systems. You hear it all the time: Virtualization is great for cost savings among non business-critical systems, but it’s just not ready to run applications in production.”

“Whoever still holds those beliefs hasn’t had a conversation with Vincent Biddlecombe, CTO at Transplace, which delivers its logistics software to its customers via software-as-a-service, has 500 employees, and about $2.5 billion in annual sales.

A little more than a year ago, Transplace decided that the time had come to move its data center, which then resided on the tenth floor of its corporate office building in Plano, Texas, to a more secure location. During its examination of data center options, the company considered many possibilities, from outsourcing all of its application hosting, to a complete in-house infrastructure refresh. “It became clear to us that we could continue hosting our own applications more cost effectively than outsourcing,” says Biddlecombe.” Service Provider Uses Virtualization to Boost DR

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