Setting Up Your SCN Infrastructure – Part 2

Software for your Supply Chain Network

So after reading last week’s article Setting Up Your SCN Infrastructure – Part 1, Hardware, you’ve now got your readers and other required infrastructure in place and are ready now to install software, the digital glue which will hold your supply chain network together.

Now, in this case we will not name specific software companies for the software types required to build your SCN. Instead we will focus on functionalities that need to be present in the system(s) required. This is for a number of reasons, including the fact that some of the systems out there perform multiple pieces of this functionality so it is difficult to categorize them so narrowly.

If you want to learn more about specific systems for these purposes, feel free to ASK and we can discuss your specific situation and needs further.

So what are the functionalities required to establish a future state supply chain network?

– Reader Management software
– Reader Identification software
– Data Management software (middleware)
– DC or Warehouse Management software
– Productivity Measurement software
– Labor Management software
– Transportation Management software
– Routing & Scheduling software
– Fleet Management software (GPS/Mapping etc.)
– Network Strategy & Optimization software
– Forecasting & Replenishment software
– Procurement Management software
(Spend Analysis, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Management)
– Collaboration software (CPFR etc.)
– Supply Chain Visibility software (Master Schedule, Activity Hub & Dashboard)
– EDI/XML Communications software
– Automated Customs Clearance software (for those crossing borders)

Over the next few weeks we will review each of these briefly to give logistics and supply chain professionals a better idea of what they’re looking for in this laundry list of SCM functionality required to build a future state end to end supply chain network.

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