Join our SCN Supply Chain Network Topic Groups

SCN Supply Chain Network has now established a number of specific topic groups on Linked In. All of these are subjects our members and visitors have indicated are important and of significant interest to them, so to add yourself to the groups relevant to your interest, join the discussion and get a continuous flow of articles and information on your chosen topic, just follow the links below. Please note you will need to be registered with Linked In or sign up for free to participate.

Third Party Logistics Group (3PL)

Robotic Fulfillment – Automation – E-Commerce – Omni-Channel

Blockchain – Supply Chain Network – Commerce Group

Green Supply Chain Network Group

Cognitive Sourcing / Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) / Augmented Procurement

Global Logistics & Supply Chain

Inventory Management Group

RFID Group (Radio Frequency Identification)

Spend Management Group

Supply Chain Software Group

Vendor Managed Inventory Group (VMI)

Feel free to join as many of these groups as is of interest and value to you and once you join please contribute articles and information about your business or other websites, whitepapers and case studies relevant to the topic.


Jeff Ashcroft

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