Global Logistics Network

The Global Logistics Network (GLN) is a multimodal network of transportation providers and their customers that facilitates the interchange of logistics information and provides services that
leverage that information to help enterprises conduct logistics business more effectively.

Designed specifically for logistics processes and their users, yet able to handle all standards
and message specifications for manufacturers, retailers and distributors, the GLN is differentiated by its management of data semantics, message delivery and transformation
of data pertaining to regional or global operations. It helps companies conduct logistics
business more efficiently and effectively by helping them gain control of global inbound
and outbound shipments and transform logistics focus from cost and asset centric to profit and
customer centric.

The GLN enables the world’s leading transportation providers to connect to their trading partners and seamlessly and reliably exchange information to help drive delivery performance and high levels of customer satisfaction.

The GLN is the definitive electronic communication service for logistics and supply chain trading partners. Reflecting over $70 million in investment, the GLN connects thousands of shippers with 90+ air, 30+ ocean, and 1400+ truck carriers, along with regulatory agencies such as the Federal Maritime Commission and U.S., Canadian, Dutch and Indian customs agencies.



Features one of the largest networks of connected transportation and logistics service
providers, including 90+ Air, 30+ ocean, 1400+ truck and regulatory agencies (Federal Maritime
Commission and Customs).

Local haulage/Interline

Helps third-party logistics providers (3PLs), freight forwarders, ocean carriers and intermodal marketing corporations (IMCs) manage their dray haulers and cartage agents more efficiently.

Rate Management

Helps companies more easily manage their global rate-making processes and provides companies with the ability to use their own data in their own format to effectively create
and manage quoting and contracting procedures.

Customs Filing & Compliance — Cross-Border Services

Compliance Services help companies meet regulatory requirements for international shipments for both international customs agencies and security initiatives.

Multimodal Track & Trace

Provides a low cost, easy-todeploy shipment status service that leverages GLNs
extensive network of transportation and logistics services providers.

Shipment Management

Allows transportation and logistics service providers to offer house-branded, valueadded
supply chain event management services to their manufacturing and retail customers.

Fleet Management

Offers a wide array of on-demand transportation management services for private fleets.

To learn more about how your firm can benefit from Global Logistics Network just ASK and we’ll be happy to help you start down the road to increased integration of messaging and shipment tracking & visibility to improve your supply chain risk management capabilities.


Jeff Ashcroft

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