Sources for Carbon Emissions Credits & Trading

Although to date most carbon emissions reduction mandates are voluntary targets, proactive companies are seeking to purchase carbon emissions “credits” to offset whatever remaining carbon is generated by their supply chain to become in effect carbon neutral.

There are a number of potential sources for purchasing these carbon emissions offsets or credits which we’ve grouped under the following categories of CO2 Exchanges, Forestry, Landfill Improvements and Alternative Energy. Below, we’ve categorized and linked to a number of these carbon emissions credit sources under each of the above headings.

CO2 Exchanges, Registries & Funds

The World Bank carbon Finance Unit

Australian Emissions Trading Analysis

Chicago Climate Exchange

European Climate Exchange – ICE Futures Europe

Dept Energy & Climate Change – UK Emissions trading Scheme

European Union ETS Registry

Forestry Projects

Forest Stewardship Council

American Forests

Michigan Forest Offset and Trading Program

Purchasing Carbon Offsets

Landfill Improvements

Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants


Alternative Energy Projects

Solar Electric Light Fund

Alternative Energy Projects

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