Start Utilizing Facebook for Business?

Facebook’s been around for a bit now and has gone completely viral with the wired generation where all the MSN Live Messenger folks are morphing onto this new platform faster than Google’s stock continues to rise. Until now I’ve generally ignored Facebook as another teen fad, until recently deciding to explore its’ penetration into the business world, specifically when it comes to logistics and supply chain.

Have to admit, I was immediately surprised at the level of activity both by individuals with backgrounds in the field, but also literally hundreds of groups on related topics. Shortly thereafter, I established the Supply Chain Network Group on Facebook which is growing rapidly. Feel free to Add Scn Newsbrief as a friend and also join the Supply Chain Network Group. (note that if you’re not a Facebook member, you’ll need to establish a free account to view, join and add the above)

So why would business people want to join Facebook for anyways? What can it do that other sites and applications can’t? And last but not least, for what functions can Facebook be utilized for? To get answers to these and other questions, you may wish to join the group Facebook 4 Business which already boasts close to 10,000 members.

Some of the most significant activity noted is in the area of global warming and the environment where the group Stop Global Warming Now has already amassed nearly 24,000 members including yours truly.

So in addition to facilitating your finding, joining and communicating with groups of likeminded people, Facebook also offers unparalled opportunities, methods and tools for interactivity no other applications to date have delivered.

What kinds of interactivity you say? Well what about business development? Finding people interested in or with the types of specific problems your solutions and services solve as they try and find answers online is likely one very effective use.

Also, as the Supply Chain Network grows and reaches into the area of facilitating collaboration across trading partner boundaries and the wider supply chain, more effective and immediate tools than email will be in my view required to support these communications.

Many of you may also be interested to know, and want to explore what your employees collectively are saying on Facebook. I was amazed at how many Distribution Center and warehouse locations already have a Group on Facebook to voice their collective beefs and also to interact outside of the typical work environment. Facebook seems to be taking the place of the old water cooler and you remember how effective a forum that was in the early days.

In today’s world with 24 hour operations, many can’t connect with and communicate to peers in traditonal ways and Facebook seems to be beginning to meet these needs.

So if you haven’t already, you may want to check this phenomena out and if you’re already dialed in, don’t forget to join the rest of us here at the Supply Chain Network!

Jeff Ashcroft

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