Supply chain brawl leads to 156 dead in Uighur riots

From CSR Asia: “The big story from China is, of course, the at least 156 deaths in Uighur riots in Xinjiang (see Google News items here). Buried in most reports is the fact that this particular outbreak of rioting has its genesis in a clash between dominant Han Chinese and ethnic minority Uighur workers in a Hong Kong-owned Guangdong toy factory in late June (which was reported in the Hong Kong press; see here, in Chinese only).”

“CSR Asia will have a column on this (in Chinese) in the Hong Kong Daily next week (the first in a regular CSR column we’ll be doing for the paper). I’ll do an English version for CSR Asia Weekly this week, of which a short version is this: the brawl in late June (in which over 100 workers were injured (16 seriously) and two were killed) is not an isolated incident (although deaths obviously are rare). Tension in factories between workers from different areas is a major problem that few factories manage well.” Supply chain brawl leads to 156 dead in Uighur riots

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