Supply Chain Consulting Enters New Era of Significance

From ” The traditional cost-cutting imperatives of Supply Chain Management (SCM) consulting services have changed, driven by a host of new client demands and market influences. Where SCM consulting engagements were historically driven by expense mitigation and process controls, SCM advisory work is now prefaced on strategic value and competitive advantage, according to consulting market research firm Kennedy Information.

“The overall complexity of today’s supply chain has created myriad issues that, until recently, have not been the purview of traditional Supply Chain consulting practices,” says Tom Rodenhauser, Vice President of Consulting Research for Kennedy. “Supply Chain consultants were typically called in to create the most efficient path between suppliers, producers, distributors and customers. Today, a company’s supply chain is at the direct intersection of such disparate business imperatives as globalization, risk management and sustainability. So we see SCM firms doing fascinating work in the areas of tax management, risk mitigation, and the ‘green’ supply chain.” Supply Chain Consulting Enters New Era of Significance

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