Supply Chain is Becoming Core Business Focus

Supply Chain Management for most of the last 20 years has been all about the flow of physical products and related systems information from raw materials sources, through into manufacturing and then storage, distribution, sale, delivery and then sometimes returns as appropriate. But are there not many more opportunities for the company to benefit from the application of SCM principles?

There have been a number of studies over the past several years aligning companies with high performing supply chains with their positive stock market performance and that there is a direct correlation between supply chain and company results. So that in itself would suggest that most companies should look upon supply chain as a core business focus but what I’m suggesting here is much more and why we are creating the blueprint for The SCM Company.

There are many other flows within organizations which can be managed in the same way as the physical product supply chain and those firms which recognize and embrace this concept will no doubt take their business performance to an entirely different level. Are there any of you who’re not with me yet?

Specifically, the other flows in the firm I’m speaking of are people, leads or potential sales, actual sales, cash flow, new products/revenue sources. All of these can be better managed through the application of supply chain management concepts and software with measurement, forecasting, metrics, visibility and full resource and performance planning and results to develop the ultimate high performance firm or what I’m calling The SCM Company!

This is the first in a series of weekly articles on all the components of The SCM Company, next week look out for the first which is The Talent Supply Chain. Supply Chain Managers of the world arise and take your rightful places as the leaders within your corporations!

Jeff Ashcroft


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