Supply Chain Management Simplified

Many practitioners are currently coming to grips with the meaning of supply chain management and are ambitiously setting about implementing it in both the internal and external portions of their supply chains. For those of you still struggling with the concept, you may want to visit the CSCMP’s SCM Definitions page a good source for developing an understanding of the concept of supply chain management. In this feature we will first introduce some excellent in depth supply chain management information resources from across the internet and then express our own thoughts on the key SCM steps and components required to assist those now developing specific action plans in this area.

One of our favorite sources of supply chain management information has just been updated, Volume VII of the wonderful publication Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology (ASCET) from Montgomery Research includes 50 plus leading edge SCM White Papers. You will also note that Accenture are sponsors of the ASCET publication above !Another great information source focussed specifically on the IT side of Supply Chain Management is the IT Toolbox Portal for SCM. The General SCM Information portion of this site includes numerous links to SCM books and articles of interest from many sources.

There are three key steps in successfully implementing supply chain management in any firm or across multiple firms. These are Base Data Preparation, Planning & Synchronization and Exception Management & Reporting. We will now briefly review and discuss each of these.

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