Takeaways from the 2008 Materials Handling and Logistics Conference

From mmh.com: “Achieving “operational excellence in the supply chain” was the overarching goal of the speakers, attendees and sponsors at last week’s Material Handling and Logistics Conference in Park City, Utah, sponsored by HK Systems. Seven tracks – strategy, responsibility, best practices, innovation, technology, focus and document storage – organized the more than fifty sessions, which covered topics such as sustainability, warehouse design, supply chain visibility and order fulfillment.

The “focus” track consisted of small groups discussing their specific vertical industry for those in the beverage industry, manufacturing, suppliers and others. HK Systems senior vice president Mike Kotecki surveyed the attendees electronically during the opening session, asking supply chain members and practitioners questions on their specific challenges, risks and investment focus. More than half of the members said staying lean was a strategic initiative, while practitioners were split between innovation and performance as how they defined success. ” Takeaways from the 2008 Materials Handling and Logistics Conference

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