The Advantages of Dynamic Storage in Distribution

Ever walk through a distribution center and look down a line of rack? What do you see? Lots of steel, lots of product on trays or pallets, and lots of…air. We spoke about the disadvantages of shipping air in cube utilization for pallets, so you probably know that storing air isn’t such a great plan either.

But so what? It’s just a little empty space, right?

Then you come across a pallet with two cases on it. One where there should be 30. Then it matters a little more. But what other options are there? You have to build your rack for the highest possible product height? Otherwise you have products you can’t accommodate.

Well, what if the height of the products on the pallet (or tray or whatever your load unit) is what determines where the bottom of the next level begins? We call this Dynamic Storage.

In Dynamic Storage your load unit is supported by load arms that are not constrained by the height of product that can be stored in an opening. These load arms extend a short way from the rack upright. Because there is not horizontal fixed beam across the face of the rack, you can use the load arms you need to place your products, providing the densest storage possible.

There are a variety of advantages for your distribution center with Dynamic Storage. The first and most obvious is that you save money by reducing your foot print. Without all the wasted space and standard dedicated pick faces for every load unit you optimize your storage. Dynamic storage helps you gain a 20% improvement in storage utilization.

In addition, to the space savings from having flexible storage areas there is also the advantage of no lost cube from fixed beam heights found in standard pallet rack.

You also have added flexibility. If packaging should change for an existing product in your distribution center, you can accommodate it. Even if your business changes, with Dynamic Storage your system can accommodate your new products. Your rack height change is as easy as taking one group of products out and putting them somewhere they fit better.

Interested in learning more about how Dynamic storage can help your company save money and improve storage?

Travis Baker

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