The Social Supply Chain, An Interview with Jeff Ashcroft

Some may call this shameless self-promotion however it’s actually social media I want to promote and I just happen to be the vehicle in this case. With this in mind, I’m sharing with you all the interview I did recently with Constance Korol of the Institute for Business Forecasting, hope you enjoy it… ” I have been following Jeff Ashcroft’s informative tweets and interacting with him for some time now even though we never actually met in person prior to last month. It was at the IBF booth at the APICS annual conference last month when Jeff approached us unassumingly. As soon as I looked up and saw Jeff, I said “I know you! I know you from Twitter” Jeff immediately responded by saying “No one has ever said that to me before”. Welcome to the Web 2.0 world.” The Social Supply Chain, An Interview with Jeff Ashcroft

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